Friday, September 18, 2015

Pumpkins and Wheat Galore!

YAY! At Fitzgerald Flowers, it is officially fall. Working in retail, the seasons and holidays all start early, which means it's the perfect place for me to be. It's all I can do to not open up ALL my boxes of fall decorations and put them all up... Seriously... It's hard not to when you're in Eastern Oregon and fall starts a month earlier than it technically is supposed to. 
I've been wearing sweaters and boots for weeks now, people.
Julie has heaps of pumpkins growing in her garden and believe it or not, they are already huge! Traditional, green, white, cinderella, So she brought down a few and we redecorated the front window!

We have a good customer who owns a farm and graciously brings us tons and tons of wheat! This year we decided to use it all up and make twisty wheat shocks! This was quite a project. Once we figured out a good technique, it didn't take long for me to whip out a few! The trick is starting with a clump in the middle and adding groups of wheat in a circular pattern around the middle, making the end flare out so it can stand up on its own.


Maddie Strietzel

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